Getting Around Corvo

Because of it’s size (very small) and proximity to Flores, unless you plan to spend your time camping, we would recommend that you fly into Flores and do the ferry trip to Corvo.  If so, you will need to depart from the Santa Cruz dock for Corvo.

There is one town on this island (Vila do Corvo) and, finding an open grocery store, let alone cafe can be quite interesting if not impossible, especially if you go on a Sunday.

The ferry (Ariel) is a unique experience. It is quite small, so if traveling during peak season, be at dock in Flores early. If possible, try to purchase space on Atlanticoline ferrys through the RIAC offices scattered throughout the islands. At the time of this writing the ferry service tickets could not be purchased online but, as technology progresses you might want to try that. If you book your tickets through RIAC, it can be quite a savings over booking them at the dock.

You will also, want to make note of the weather because at times, the water will be too rough and you may be forced to stay overnight on Corvo.

There is an English speaking taxi driver on the island of Flores that can help with stays and transfers between the Flores ports if you do not understand Portuguese. Write us for for more details (


Sata Airlines ( has flights to the Island of Corvo, (you can click on Sata’s link on the right side of this page).
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