Getting Around Flores


You can catch the Santorini in Terceira, Pico and Faial the easiest.  There is only one time per month that the Santorini’s schedule ( allows for 2 days to see Flores and Corvo.  I highly recommend flying.  Going on the Santorini from Terceira to Faial is around 8-9 hour trip then, another 6.5 hour trip to Flores arriving in Flores at 7:45 in the morning.  For some reason, the cabins on board never seem to be available so you are sleeping in chairs, on the floor or (if you are lucky) on couches  (couches actually are not uncomfortable but getting one means being in line early and rushing to grab one).

As an example, when we arrived, our pre-arranged taxi driver picked us up, took our luggage where we stayed, and gave us about an hour or so to regroup then drove us to the Corvo ferry.  We rented a taxi on Corvo and toured it then caught the boat back to Flores late afternoon and spent the 2nd day touring Flores.  That schedule was perfect for us.  Had we been doing more of a walking tour, we would have flown because of the limited schedule.
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